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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Rayman Origins

Out of all the new games I've played in the last year- not a single one has surprised me as much as Rayman Origins. At a brief inspection it looks like the good old 2D platformer that we all played in our childhood. To a degree, it is. The Rayman formula is not only intact; it's better. With multiplayer support and what can only be called immaculate polish, Ubisoft have revived an essentially dead franchise with tremendous brilliance.

Globox swinging on a beard. Are you going to buy it now?

Genre: Platform, Action
Release Date: 15th November, 2011
Platforms: PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, PSvita, 3DS, PC
Score: 9/10
Similar Titles:  Mario, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot
Worth Playing: Rayman Origins is definitely worth playing, whether you're a fan of the series or not it's the authentic experience. Keep the music turned up, the soundtrack is amazing!

Reyman Origins review

If you don't know Rayman; he's the Playstation answer to Sonic. He deserves his place up on the pedestal right next to Crash Bandicoot and Mario. Iconic videogame characters always have a special place in our hearts. After a rather dangerous foray into the 3D arena, Rayman slowly dropped off the radar. Only the most devout fans were left. So for years, the only time I've heard the words Rayman is when somebody says 'I remember that game, it was awesome!'. That, and my girlfriend saying he freaks her out. No arms, apparently.

Some skull coins are troublesome to get.

Anyway, Rayman Origins is designed for co-op. It can be played solo and is still hella fun. But that entertainment is exponentially magnified by playing with your friends. The major issue with this is the game has no online support. You and your friends have to be in the same room on the same screen to play together. Prehistoric, right? Get some beer or weed, grab a homeless guy off the street and have at it (shower him first).

Playing with mates makes the game a little easy, but that's what the beer is for. If you die, you turn into a bubble which can be popped by a friend to save your life. If you didn't steal their lums they might just help you. While on 2 player you can take your time to enjoy the scenery and masterfully grab all the skull coins and bonus points- if you step up to 4 man mayhem it's more of a grab everything and scramble to the end. Just remember, it's hella addictive by yourself anyway if you like platform games.

That treasure chest is trying to get away! Get the bastard!

I rarely bring up the music in a review, because it's nothing special. Usually I spend 20 minutes listening to a games soundtrack, and then reduce it to a minimum. Why? Because the songs on my computer and youtube are just plain better. Which is why Rayman caught me off guard with the epic melodies. It's brilliant. Amazing, inspiring, and just a pleasure to listen to. I put on the Rayman soundtrack whilst doing other stuff on my PC. I find myself pumped up cruising around punching dudes on Rayman; mostly because of how well the music goes with the game. It reminds me of when I was a kid and everything was awesome. If the sounds were ever a factor into choosing a game- I'd buy 5 copies of Rayman and listen to them all simultaneously.

Walljumping is a core part of the game, not just tacked on.

You probably wouldn't expect Rayman Origins to be a great game. I myself bought it during a steam sale, intending to play online with my friends. We were all so upset when we found out it had no online multiplayer- everybody refused to play it. On chance, I decided to play it for 10 minutes. 2 hours later, I hopped into my friends call screeching incomprehensible praises for Rayman like a bloody Christian. And just like preaching Christianity, nobody listened to me. Doesn't change the fact that it's a fantastic game.

The story is amusingly simple. Rayman, Globox and company are taking a nap in their paradise- the glade of dreams. Sadly, Globox's loud snoring upsets an old witch in the dark lands below. Hell hath no fury like an old grumpy lady. She sends an army to take over the world, casting darkness everywhere and capturing all the good inhabitants in the land. Rayman is unwittingly tasked once again to save the world from a crazy bitch.


Platforming titles have always been very hit as opposed to miss with me. I can get into them easily, provided you can employ a degree of finesse to navigating the levels and feel clever doing so. Not only do I have issues with being a total completionist; I have to look good doing it. Rayman allows you to do just that. Transition from running to walljumping and then proceed to bitchslap a dozen enemies majestically. On most levels, if you're really good you can run the entire way; barely stopping for a second. It feels almost like free running on Mirror's edge or Assassin's creed. Moreover, as you progress you unlock more abilities allowing you to roll through the levels with catlike grace.

That statue looks foreboding. Let's jump all over it.

Even though the cartoon graphics and adorably childish cutscenes look tailored towards kids- it's got a universal appeal. Not only that, you won't see a 10 year old finish this game in under 20 hours. Some of the skull coins and treasure chest levels took me half an hour of rage to finish. There are levels an adult will breeze through, and there are some that will take a dozen deaths of learning to complete. If you want all the secret items however, every single level is a fresh challenge for the hardy gamer.

The graphics are very shiny, but as with everything it's all down to preference- even though the animations are very smooth and nicely implemented you might have an aversion to the cartoon style. Will the characters voices with is just a jumble of nonsense make you smile? Or will it just annoy you? Does Rayman having no arms befuddle and frustrate you? Take a look at the images and see for yourself.

The main objective is to save these scantily clad ladies.

I want to give this game a 10/10, I really do. I won't though, because while it truly was an addictive ride filled with smiles and rainbows for me- not everyone will see it that way. That, and there is no fucking online play. Ubisoft, you wankers- sort your shit out eh? But they did a wonderful job reviving an old franchise. It's packed with lots of nifty additions; such as being able to unlock new characters (I played as blue Rayman the whole game), or being able to slightly increase your jump height by punching upwards.

The end of the level sums up your lums.

This game has appeal to anyone and everyone. Sure, there's always haters. But it has the potential to be enjoyed by all audiences. It's Rayman back at his roots- armed with polish and merry old entertainment. Take it from me, the guy with useless qualifications and a lack of real life friends. Rayman Origins is a wonderful game.

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