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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The PSP is a brilliant handheld.

Recently I had an urge to buy a handheld, due to going on a brief trip across the country. I physically cannot bring myself to travel without a console of some kind to keep me busy. I bought a second hand Playstation Portable, cheap as chips. This is the third PSP I have purchased. I may or may not have sold the others to obtain other games, or drugs. Whatever floated my goat at the time.

Friday, 26 October 2012


 So here's that game everyone loves and praises. It shouldn't be a surprise to you that I will tell you Dishonored is a damn good game. In fact, I struggle to point out a single flaw in this game. You will find plenty of bloody action, endless opportunities to utilize stealth or brutal force, and to top it off a brilliantly polished engine with that trademark that just makes it so Bethesda.

Lord Pendleton and Admiral Havelock, your wonderful co-conspirators.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pokemon MMORPG population skyrockets!

So since I made my last post on Pokemmo, the population has exponentially risen. There are queues to get on the server, long enough to warrant the developers to buy new ones. Hopefully they decide to soon, without getting shut down in the process.

The queue gives me time to write articles and play other games. Hooray.

I have been EV training several of my cute little bastards, which is a long and very boring process. Which has been made longer by the extensive queue times. I am surprised by the huge amount of players around. They are absolutely everywhere, even at off-peak times.

So many players. And no, they never shut up.

I cannot stress how fun this game is when you're playing in a call with a lot of people you know, trading your Pokemon between each other and discussing geeky topics. If you have ever enjoyed one of the Pokemon games- get your friends to play Pokemmo with you. I promise it will be very entertaining! Remember to donate every penny you own to them so I can play on an upgraded server and smash your face in a battle.

Also, give your critters realistic names. My Gyarodos is called bigdragonsnake. Anyone else got clearly awesome Pokemon names? Post a comment and let us know!

Friday, 12 October 2012


I've recently had a shared obsession with Pokemon, a lot of my friends and I have been playing Pokemmo; which is essentially Fire Red online. Pokemmo has a line of predecessors, similar online versions; all of which have been shut down or just plain failed. Despite that, it didn't stop these guys from trying.

Awwwww yeah. Pokemans.

It's extremely addictive, being able to play one of my favorite games of all time whilst having access to battle and chat with friends at the same time. In fact, so many of my friends have started playing that I can't keep up with who I need to add to my friends list.

Nostalgia yet?

Whilst the game currently still appears to be in alpha stage, it's very functional and some of the only content you can't access yet involves gambling, breeding, and the elite four. Updates to the game are fairly frequent, so expect to see the game in its full majesty in a matter of no time.

I have more than two badges now.

What's amazing, is being able to undertake your journey to become the master Pokemon trainer- with hundreds of players all swarming around, chatting, trying to do the same thing. The entire world is packed with people, and it makes playing exponentially more fun. For example, I decide to farm my Eevee happiness in a certain spot- only to find a dozen people already there doing the same thing.

I really love this game, it's a brilliant concept and I'm pretty upset they get shut down. I think the people who stop these games from running are probably just upset they aren't making any profit from it.

Everyone gets a Pikachu. Am I right?

It's the same as you remember, catching Pokemon and beating down gym leaders with glory and awesome. If you haven't played any of the games before, I'd get right on it- all you need is a Fire Red rom and off you go!