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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Dragon Age 2 second playthrough

I've recently been playing a little Dragon Age 2 in my spare time. Although everyone thinks it's a letdown, I still think it's worth a playthrough. It's simple, fun, and very easy. I've taken to playing it whilst I watch television, because it's one of those games that doesn't really deserve 100% of your attention.

3 options, so naturally pick evil every time.

The main gripe that people had for DA2 is the dialogue system. The wide amount of conversation options that made the first such a pleasure to play is dulled down and reduced to three choices at a time. Often in the first game, you would get at least four options to play with; usually more.

Dragons!? In Dragon Age?! They are incredibly rare.

On the plus side, the combat is streamlined and visceral. It's entertaining to watch, albeit way too easy even on the harder difficulties. The abilities are all very interesting, and if you use them in the right order you can often outmaneuver opponents without taking a touch of damage. On the other hand, I missed the frantic pausing to make frequent adjustments in the first game. In the original DA you had to monitor and maintain your entire party to win tough battles. This feature is all but gone, in Dragon Age 2 you can win using one hand and nary a pause the whole game.

Still, if you like to multitask, whack on the television and give Dragon Age 2 a shake. Take a look at my original review if you're curious!

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