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Saturday, 19 January 2013

The second Skyrim playthrough, with mods galore!

So there's a point in time that's coming up for all of you, when Skyrim beckons you back. Eventually the only outcome is to buckle and reinstall the Bethesda masterpiece. However, any adventurer worth his salt will come armed with lots of fancy mods to spice up their experience. If you don't have or don't like Skyrim- I am disappoint. Maybe you need some addons to cure your black soul!

I just wanted to fly on my own dragon, honest.
Luckily, I found the perfect website to collect every useful and vital mod in a short period of time. I found it faster and more efficient than the Skyrim nexus and the Steam workshop. Make sure to take a look at Skyrimgems if you're looking for a vast selection for your next playthrough. The site has efficient categories, so it's easy to browse and find everything you need. Only the best content is featured too, so you don't have to sift through the huge amount of uninteresting and questionable mods.

Me and Lydia don't really talk to the orphan we adopted. We just wanted the benefits.

The idea of this post is hopefully to inspire some of you. To get you to try out Skyrim again, with the new DLC, Dawnguard and Hearthfire. Of course, you have to combine it with the endless amounts of new features created by the players. After one look at the list of mods I could install- my body was ready. I immediately started piling on everything remotely interesting. When in doubt, download more mods.

Some of you readers will have made the cataclysmic mistake of playing Skyrim too much upon release. It probably wasn't a surprise to you when you played it too much; and ultimately burnt out with what I'd like to call excessive Skyrim syndrome. I myself caught it badly- it took me months to look Bethesda in the eye again.

Go with god, my child. And a sword.

My second playthrough of this Elder Scrolls has genuinely been more of a delight than the first. Despite the 200 hours I already put into the game on release- There were still big chunks of the map I had yet to uncover, and even the areas I felt at home in originally feel fresh and enticing. And that's without taking the rather overwhelming amount of modifications I installed into account.

The world of Skyrim will always retain it's inherent story mechanics and base values, which could be best represented by Riverwood. Alvor the blacksmith is always sat outside, whittling away at the forge. Sven and Faendal are always prepared to give you their hateful letters to woo the beautiful Camilla. But after the recurring NPC events you'll always encounter; the game starts to reveal new things to you every time. It's the game that keeps on giving, as long as you work for it. Hunt for new areas, and if you're already enjoying the game it will reward you for it.

Wolves are so easy to kill, luckily there's a mod to actually make them dangerous!

It is empirical fact that you cannot get everything out of Skyrim in one playthrough. So start your second if you haven't already! If you like the mods I've mentioned or just agree with my article, please leave a comment! Have a good day ladies and gentlemen. If you aren't having a good day; well maybe you should be playing Skyrim!

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