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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bioshock Infinite

I decided to pick up the new Bioshock despite not having played the first two games. I am stunned at how much I enjoyed it. I haven't been as captivated by a fantastic game since I played Dishonored. Strangely, it's also feels incredibly similar with the steampunk-esque art style and gameplay that involves enhancing FPS combat with magical abilities. All in all, I couldn't imagine anyone being disappointed with Bioshock Infinite.

Columbia, pre-shit hit the fan status.

Genre: Adventure, FPS
Release Date: 26th March, 2013
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Score: 9/10
Similar Titles: Dishonored, Bioshock, Deus Ex

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Single player RPG recommendations- PC turn-based

It can be a little difficult to find a PC RPG to satisfy your needs. On the PC it can be a real challenge. With my extensive playtime on many games, I am in a good position to give provide some suggestions. If you're looking for a good slower paced RPG that's turn based, take a look at this list and click on the links for a more in-depth review:

PC turn based RPG recommendations:

1- Dragon Age

Dragon Age games aren't completely turn based, but if you rack it up to a difficulty level that will challenge you it becomes a strategical pause-fest that will have you reaching for the quick save button indefinitely. If you're looking for a good game to play, Dragon Age: Origins and 2 should be one of your first stops.

2- Baldur's Gate

If you haven't heard of this legendary franchise yet, Baldur's Gate is one of the best. It is old, unforgiving, and hopelessly addictive. Once again, it's not entirely turn based- but if you don't consistently pause the game during combat to order your party around you won't make it very far at all. If you can handle the outdated mechanics and graphics, Baldur's Gate is one of the greatest experiences a gamer can partake in. Not to mention, the new Enhanced Edition makes it a little easier to bear the old nature of the engine.

3- The Last Remnant


The Last Remnant is a JRPG which is rare to reach the PC. Nevertheless, it has crisp graphics and turn-based action in the fashion you would expect from Square-Enix. It's not a perfect game, but when you're looking for a turn-based RPG on PC your options are limited in comparison to console. Regardless, a lot of the complaints about low framerates and resolution issues only apply to the Xbox edition, so you're dodging a bullet grabbing it for the PC.

4- KotoR

As far as legendary games go, Knights of the Old Republic is one of the greatest Star Wars productions in existence. Many avid RPG players reserve a special place in their hearts for this title. The combat feels like realtime at first, but it becomes very turn-based when you play for a few hours. If you like Star Wars, you will love KotoR. If you don't, you will still enjoy it. I'd advise you to play this game over all of the others on the list.

5- Legend of Grimrock

Striking new graphics on a deceptively oldschool game, Grimrock is a glorious dungeon crawler that brings back the epic feeling from the 90's with new graphics and a modern interface. With a maze of corridors, traps, monsters and puzzles- you'll be playing this for quite some time.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Kingdom Hearts

The original Kingdom Hearts game ushered the JRPG genre into a new era. It took a step aside from the average turn based and slow paced RPG. Instead, you get to take a more pivotal role in combat, using a hack and slash based system incorporated into the usual Roleplaying blend.

Who would of thought Square-Enix and Disney could come together to create such a ground breaking game? There are many reasons to experience Kingdom Hearts. At a first look, it seems laughable to put Final Fantasy and Disney characters in the same sentence, never mind the same game! But it works, because it's one of the best damn games I've ever played.

Sora and Kairi, before everything turns to darkness.

Genre: JRPG
Release Date: 28th March, 2002
Platforms: PS2, PC, PS4, Android, Iphone
Score: 9/10
Similar Titles: Final Fantasy, Zenonia, Xenosaga

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I really hate DLC

Ever since Microsoft had that genius idea to start distributing overpriced DLC to the gaming industry, it's become accepted and even appreciated by many people. I am not on this bandwagon. The fact that people now have to pay extra cash for content that 50% of the time should already be featured in the game is not only extortion, it's shameless. For the record, I am not shunting the DLC pirate ship as a whole; but rather the gaming companies that often abuse and take advantage of this mechanic in the business.

Almost every big title release now presents itself with the promise of future downloadable content. I think that is a good thing. To be able to access new parts of a game you love is a brilliant idea, one which I support wholeheartedly. However, some DLC quite simply costs too much with too little return. Why would I buy something for a quarter of the price the initial game itself cost, when it's not worth even one tenth of added stuff?

Some gaming companies even create a title for the sole purpose of pumping out DLC to make money. It's sickening. Moreover, it encourages MMO games to implement the pathetic 'buy to win' approach. Even online passes that force you to pay to play online on a game you've already bought is becoming common. On the rare occasion I've made the mistake of buying DLC it's let me down. I like the fact that releasing additional content at a fair price empowers and motivates the gaming industry. Sadly, it's only serving to empower the industry in a bad way.

If the majority of people cut down on buying shoddy DLC there wouldn't be a market for it anymore, but sadly that will never happen with the mentality of society today. I just wish we could go back to good old expansion packs that were like a brand new game. I do see the advantages of DLC, but it's not often I get to actually really see it in practice. What do you guys think? Post a comment and let us know!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Birth by Sleep: Mirage Arena help

Olympus Colosseum has always featured in Kingdom Hearts games with numerous rounds. On the PSP however, the gladiatorial foray has evolved into the Mirage Arena. You can fight huge amounts of Unversed in one battle, followed by a boss. On the first three difficulties it's very easy to complete Birth by Sleep, with the occasional death. However, once you get to Proud mode that game over screen you see once in a while can be a frequent problem.

The arena has quite a wacky environment.

After farming the Mirage Arena on Ventus, Aqua and Terra, I thought I would leave a list of hints and tips for anyone who is struggling to complete all the rounds. Some of the bosses are extremely potent, and you need to utilize every tool in your arsenal to beat them all. So for anyone having trouble with the Mirage Arena, have a read through here and see if you learn anything.

If you can grab a couple of friends to play with it's easy to complete the Mirage Arena.

Mirage Arena: Hints and Tips

- Remember that you can't pause the game during rounds, so get comfortable or abuse the home button.
- Always have at least one Cure spell in your deck. Install more cures as you need them, sometimes when I am taking a lot of damage I will use up to three.
- Shotlock commands are your most powerful weapon. They grant you invulnerability, can buy you time, and put out a fair amount of damage. Master them all, and pick the one you find most useful. I personally like Flame Salvo or Bio Barrage. Remember to get maximum locks for maximum damage.
- When you are outnumbered in the early rounds, play very cautiously against enemies that can combo you to death. Sometimes if you're not careful all it takes is for one Unversed to land one attack and then the rest will keep hitting you before you can recover. Thin out their numbers before throwing yourself in there.
- Find a good deck balance that works for both taking down hordes of Unversed and bosses. It's generally good to pack a couple of long range Blizzard or Fire spells to hit enemies from a distance.
- AOE spells are useful for crowds of enemies, but they can't always hit at distance.
- The dodge ability should be used all the time. It's the same speed as running and can evade nearly all incoming damage. Block doesn't always work against heavier attacks, so don't rely on it in challenging situations.
- Mobility is your biggest advantage. You can avoid attacks until your hearts content. Try dodge rolling, attacking from the air, and using abilities from a distance. Fighting cautiously will always mitigate more damage than being offensive.
- Every enemy and boss has a rotation and attack style. If you learn how they function and what their dangerous moves are you won't get caught by them. Learn to abuse the weaknesses.
- Bosses on Proud mode are not a pushover. If you run at them swinging blindly you will die. Learn to dodge their devastating attacks first, and once you can survive the burst; try to start fitting your own damage in.
-  When in a precarious position and you haven't got any health left; it's always acceptable to dodge and evade until your Cure spell is off cooldown. Don't screw around on less than half health, it gets me killed more than I'd like to admit. Patience is also an important skill to winning.
- Your finishing move can be either a destructive force or a liability. Pick the right one, it's something you can activate frequently.
- D-Links cannot be used in the Mirage Arena, so don't rely on them.
- If you're stuck on the tournaments you currently have and cannot progress further, buy some tickets to the other Arenas. You can often pick up some extra money and Arena levels. The Arena shop also has various useful abilities for you to buy.
- Mirage Arena is fantastic for mastering abilities. Take a full deck of unleveled spells with you for a match and come out with them ready to meld. It's one of the faster ways to experiment, so don't worry about losing just try new skillsets.
- Farm the easier missions if you're having too much trouble. It's also advisable to go and complete the story for a new keyblade or bonus once in a while.

If you are having trouble with the Mirage Arena, I hope this guide helps you. I don't think many people should struggle with Birth by Sleep at all until you set it to the hardest difficulty, Proud mode. If you're getting frustrated try to incorporate the information in this guide to cement your strategy. Or take a short break and come back refreshed and ready to take on the challenge. Good luck, fellow arena goers!

Birth by Sleep review

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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by sleep

Kingdom Hearts has always been a questionable franchise at first sight. Final Fantasy meets Disney? Isn't that a rather awkward and strange match up? You'd think so, until you got your hands on a copy and realize it's a masterpiece. Square-Enix have developed a unique and wildly addictive combat system that fused action into the genre. It pushed the RPG industry into a new intuitive and more engaging era.

Terra and Aqua.

Genre: JRPG
Release Date: 9th January, 2010
Platforms: PSP
Score: 8/10
Similar Titles: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Dissidia
Worth Playing: Birth by sleep was very fun, the story was pretty memorable and the combat was excellent.