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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Path of Exile has an enormous skill tree.

I'm level 16 and I've barely made it out of the starting gate.

After spending an entire evening glued to Path of Exile, I've not encountered something I dislike yet. But my favorite part is the skill tree. It's just unbelievably big. It's also remarkably similar to the Sphere grid on Final Fantasy X. Since all the classes share the same grid but start in different places you can head towards another classes zone if you want to pick up some of their talents. It's simple yet complex at the same time.

Maybe I'm biased because I truly do love being able to customize my characters build to be completely unique. Instead of having some douchebag join your party on Diablo 3 and copy your build, on Path of Exile they would have to start a new character. So I've been feeling fairly original whilst carefully designing my build, which is rare for me on a game these days.

I zoomed out as far as I could, and this just about half of the talents in the game.

So if you're going to play Path of Exile, the talent tree is a huge plus. It's got plenty of nifty little features you won't really see in other games. For example, the closest thing to currency in this game is scrolls of identification. What's that you say? No money? Yep. It's more like a barter system. You trade your items to vendors for scrolls and other interesting scraps. Another cool feature is when you die on your hardcore character, it is automatically converted to a normal one. So instead of losing your character, you just lose your bragging rights.

Path of Exile is going to be a great game when it's finally released. If you don't believe me, try out the beta. Sure, it can't sport a high budget like the usual suspects, but that doesn't change the facts. Grinding Gear Games clearly have a passion for games, and the know what Diablo and Torchlight didn't deliver. They are bringing it to Path of Exile.

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