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About RPG index

RPG index is a simple site designed to aid those people out there who enjoy a hearty role playing  game alone. We are dedicated to bringing you some truthful reviews, news and advice on single player role playing games. With the gaming industry today there are so many video games being released it can be quite time consuming to keep up with it.  Most of our content will be PC oriented, but from time to time we do like to sit down and down and dirty with some console exclusive JRPGS or good old Final Fantasy.

There aren't many quality niche sites out there presenting an accurate and extensive collection of Single Player RPGS, and there are many people out there (maybe including you) who want to find a good video game to play by yourself.

About our RPG review system

The games reviewed on RPG index have all been personally played by the author of the site. Where possible, images from the playthrough have been included.

Our review system is currently scored on a simple 1 out of 10 scale, followed by a short analysis and conclusion of the game. Scores are determined by several unbiased (as possible!) variables such as:
  • Mechanics & gameplay
  • Story, atmosphere & sound
  • Innovation & unique content
  • Poorly designed content
  • Overall experience
Ultimately the purpose of each review and score is to give you an overall feel of what the game is like.

Finding the right game for you

Finding an awesome game is the aim of this site. While I can honestly say your experience on an RPG is completely subjective and as an individual you may find yourself loving an RPG title that others hate, I would suggest that you stick to investing your money into games that I have reviewed with a score of 8/10 or higher.

You can easily navigate titles by their scores, please select one of the links below to navigate games by score:


About the author

The sole author of this site regularly picks out new video games to try, the majority of which involve RPG elements. Said author is extremely sick of being misguided by the media or terrible friends into playing dull titles.

While the  modern gaming genres are extremely broad, the RPG game recommendations on this site are merely games the author has invested  enough time in personally to write a good review.

The authors favorite games

The author has always had a natural penchant for anything RPG, from every single Final Fantasy (except for X-2, XII, XIII, XIV. XIII-2 & XIII-3 are arguably okay.) to the Witcher. While both Western and Eastern roleplaying titles can be of equal value, the author does share a love of JRPGs over other genres. You will find reviews on games such as Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana, classic god tier examples that are the exact thing you want on your smartphone today.

A little bit from the author himself

Because single player rpgs are subjective I have tried to be unbiased. however I will warn you if I do not think one of the games featured on this site isn't worth opening your wallet for.
I have loved steeping myself in one rpg after another since I was a child and still go cold turkey occasionally when I can't  spot the next one to sink my teeth into.
While you may find a few ads around my site I have never made much money off of them and I play, catalogue, and review  these games mostly because all the popular gaming sites are corrupted in some fashion.
Hopefully by using this site you can save the many hours I spent searching for some of the gems, those elusive godtier  masterpieces that captivate you from beginning to end.

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