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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Genre: RPG, Adventure
Release Date: March 20th 2006
Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Score: 9/10
Similar Titles: Skyrim, Fallout
Start up menu.
Oblivion is one of those games that I had to finish an extensive playthrough to review it accurately. It's a benchmark in gaming, something that made the industry what it is today. The elder scrolls has always been a great series with intriguing lore. Ever since Morrowind, I've been looking for that hole to fill. Bethesda put a lot of work into this vast and beautifully developed RPG and it shows. The graphics are still stunning today, especially with the right modifications, and Oblivion has no trouble pulling you in and devouring your time.

Battle arena. easy experience and loot.

Gameplay is engaging and fun, and making use of the difficulty slider can really help you win a fight if you're having trouble (I refuse to do this). As of late I sometimes have trouble sinking my teeth into a lot of video games, Oblivion isn't one of them.

Yes, my character is a scrub right now.

Although the world is still rife with bugs and glitches, it can easily be corrected by an unofficial mod. Despite it being ported to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, I don't think you can truly experience the game unless you have the endless library of user made content at your fingertips. Modified content created by players is quite possibly the best thing going for Oblivion, there are hundreds of addons to enhance play and implement new content.

Healing and doors always goes hand in hand.

If anything, there is too much content for you to complete in Oblivion. It's likely you'll find yourself playing the game for at least a couple of months before finally dropping it, meaning it's a good investment for killing time. I collected an array of screenshots during my adventure to illuminate how incredible the game world really is. Some of the quests don't even involve combat, and place you in the role of detective or judge. Items are everywhere, if you were to take time searching every single chest, box, and sack in the game it will probably double the time it takes to finish the game (I actually did this on my first playthrough).

Skeletons are an enemy all to common for seasoned adventurers.

From the start you will be bombarded with more than you know what to do with - the character design is truly extensive, picking the right race is important. The tutorial which involves escaping from jail imparts major class decisions as you progress. Three archetypes are choosable - Warrior, Mage, and Thief. There's a lot more to character development than first meets the eye; deciding on the right major skills and statistics makes a big difference throughout the game.

All too common.

Developing your skills is the way to power up your hero in Oblivion. You obtain levels by simply doing - be it lockpicking, running around or casting magic. More options become available to you as your character gains rank ups. For example, a journeyman bladesman has a better chance of staggering the target upon hit, and a high destruction skill grants some devastating damage spells.

Several seconds after this picture, I planted my sword in her face. The metal one that is, cause she's kinda ugly.

Late in the game you will have access to plenty of wonderful content such as making your own spells and enchants, having followers who assist you in combat, and various other awesome stuff. Alchemy gets amazing late game, you can make lethal poisons and powerful potions to compliment your character and make battles a joke. Doing what you want when you want is a great feeling on Oblivion. That guard give you a dirty look? Slay him and screw the consequences. The only people safe from your wrath in the game is plot integral npcs, and you can still knock them out if they annoy you anyway.

Ayelid ruins are a great source of enchanted weapons and such.

If you haven't played Oblivion yet, I strongly suggest you do. You may not make it to the finish line because it's so lengthy, but you'll enjoy the attempt nonetheless. On the other hand, you could get addicted like some of my friends and end up hooked on it for months on end. Addiction is a bitch, deal with it!

Don't forget to bring a towel! I mean torch!

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