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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Knights of the old republic

Genre: RPG, Adventure
Release Date: July 15th 2003 
Platforms: PC, Xbox, Mac
Score: 10/10 (If you like Star Wars)
Similar Titles: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Oblivion

Game cover.

If you haven't played Knights of the old Republic and you are either a Star Wars or RPG fan, I can say only one thing to you: play it.

Most of your party can train to use the force.

If you've heard about the MMORPG game Star Wars the Old Republic, this is where it all originally came from.

KotOR is easily one of the greatest RPG games I have had the luck to play. Sure it's got flaws, any game has. But even if you despise George Lucas and Star Wars entirely, I still think you would look upon this legendary Bioware masterpiece as one of your favorites.

The plot is the games strongest point. From the beginning you are thrown into a battle with almost no recollection of your past. Original, right? Anyway, as you progress into the story it will encapture you in a immersive atmosphere, getting more intense the further you get. Not everyone wants to kill you, but you'd be surprised how many do. Your party members are fairly interesting, and can say some hilarious things. There are plenty of dialogue options, allowing you to say some pretty awesome stuff.

Dark side powers are awesome and powerful.

Graphics and sound are nothing special compared to the standards of today, certainly not the reason to buy the game. Think slightly worse than Mass Effect, with lightsabers. Overall, they aren't horrible. There are a few cutscenes in the game, some are pretty badass.

Combat is another one of the games strong points. Developing your Jedi is fun as hell, especially with all the abilities and equipment options. Using force powers like Lightning and Push are just as awesome as ever, and you can train your characters in many different specialisations. When encountering a pack of enemies and arrogantly smiting them you will truly feel like a boss.

Lightsabers are basically the best.

Choosing between light and dark has completely different consequences throughout the plot, which adds plenty of replayability along with the veritable host of characters you can recruit to your party. In other words, you wont be short on content. Even when you run out, there's always KotOR 2.

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