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Monday, 4 July 2011


Genre: Action, Adventure, HacknSlash
Release Date: January 25th 2011
Platforms: PC
Score: 7/10
Similar Titles: Renegade Ops, Realm of the Mad God

Starting up a level is as easy as pie.

Magicka was recently a summer deal on Steam, so I bought it for next to nothing. Obviously me and my friends weren't expecting much from this 1-4 player RPG/action game. However, I found myself pleasantly surprised upon starting up Magicka in all its glitchy gloriness. Despite constant crashes and annoying bugs, this game is freaking awesome. Don't let the images fool you, it will entertain you.

Creating the right spell combination unleashes devastating effects.

You may heal yourself, but healing your friends is far more effective.

My friends and I had our fun separated into short periods of time by constant issues and having to alt + f4 and restart the level. When you encounter so many problems and still want to play, you know it's a something special.
The fire element is handy for setting groups of enemies aflame.

Freezing an enemy opens them up to being shattered by rocks.

The most prominent feature of Magicka is the spell system. By using different elements, you can combine and create new spells. While this doesn't sound too crazy, when you and three friends are testing combinations, you are bound to accidentally blow yourselves up rather frequently.  Don't play this game alone, I beg you.

Combining spells with your friends will really cause damage.

Cruising around with a couple of buddies makes combat incredibly entertaining, hitting eachother for bonus points and ressurecting eachother on the fly. Blast enemies to bits in the challenge modes with crudely mixed magic using every tool at your disposal to survive. There are even new PVP modes so you can explode your friends in an arena designed for it!

Don't buy this game expecting diamonds because it will let you down. But in my eyes, this game will always be a great way to kill some time with my mates.

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