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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I really hate DLC

Ever since Microsoft had that genius idea to start distributing overpriced DLC to the gaming industry, it's become accepted and even appreciated by many people. I am not on this bandwagon. The fact that people now have to pay extra cash for content that 50% of the time should already be featured in the game is not only extortion, it's shameless. For the record, I am not shunting the DLC pirate ship as a whole; but rather the gaming companies that often abuse and take advantage of this mechanic in the business.

Almost every big title release now presents itself with the promise of future downloadable content. I think that is a good thing. To be able to access new parts of a game you love is a brilliant idea, one which I support wholeheartedly. However, some DLC quite simply costs too much with too little return. Why would I buy something for a quarter of the price the initial game itself cost, when it's not worth even one tenth of added stuff?

Some gaming companies even create a title for the sole purpose of pumping out DLC to make money. It's sickening. Moreover, it encourages MMO games to implement the pathetic 'buy to win' approach. Even online passes that force you to pay to play online on a game you've already bought is becoming common. On the rare occasion I've made the mistake of buying DLC it's let me down. I like the fact that releasing additional content at a fair price empowers and motivates the gaming industry. Sadly, it's only serving to empower the industry in a bad way.

If the majority of people cut down on buying shoddy DLC there wouldn't be a market for it anymore, but sadly that will never happen with the mentality of society today. I just wish we could go back to good old expansion packs that were like a brand new game. I do see the advantages of DLC, but it's not often I get to actually really see it in practice. What do you guys think? Post a comment and let us know!

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