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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mass Effect

Genre: RPG, FPS
Release date: November 16th 2007
Platforms: Xbox 360, PC
Score: 8/10
Similar titles: Dragon Age, Witcher, Deus Ex

Commander Shephard, the protagonist.

Mass Effect is widely known as one of Biowares finest works. It certainly deserves the title. Originally on the Xbox 360, this game was so kickass it was ported to the PC a year later. When researching some other reviews for this game, It was hard to find someone who genuinely disliked the game. Here's a video compilation of the combat that I made, take a look if you're interested:

Character personalisation has some variety.

Using a new approach to their combat system, Mass Effect has essentially created an FPS with RPG elements stitched in. And whoever wove the needle, did it wonderfully. Character customisation is in depth, to the point where you choose a military and civilian background. There's also a fairly interesting class system in place, which allows you to level up your weapon skills accordingly.

The level up screen shows your moral compass and skills.

If you know Bioware, which you should, you will be expecting a rich fantasy world with an engaging plot. Of course, that's exactly what you get. Set in the near future, you will find yourself in the shoes of Commander Shephard, on board a starship exploring the universe.

Travelling between solar systems is incredibly quick.

It's the early days of space travel for humankind, possible only because of alien technology left behind by the extinct super species, Protheans. Using this technology, the human race encountered extraterrestrial life, led and ruled by the Citadel Council and their agents, the Spectres.

The plot is far from boring, is all I can say.

Some skills are really awesome.

Not many people have been disappointed by Mass Effect, and I doubt you will be either. The only alarmingly present flaw is the lack of difficulty. There's not enough enemies to overheat your pistol in a lot of encounters, even on the harder difficulties. Combat is fun, so you may find yourself shooting first and asking questions later more often.

A skilled FPS player will trash this game with ease.

Squadmates are talkative and immersive, and pretty useful in battle too. There is a variety of party members to choose from, all with their own backstory. This combined with the pretty graphics, can leave you scratching your head wondering why it's been 3 hours when you were only intending to play for 1.

If you like the video, then look for a copy, since it's very cheap now. Mass Effect 2 is out with 3 on the way, so be prepared to buy those too!


  1. Wow, it looks cool. I will keep my eye out for a copy.

  2. I'll give it a try, nice post mate, keep it up!

  3. I prefer Fallout, but can't deny Mass Effect's awesomeness.