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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Winning Dissidia: Hints and Tips

After putting dozens of hours into perfecting my Final Fantasy: Dissidia play it has come to my attention that once you reach the final chapters, it can become unbelievably challenging and frustrating to make progress. Some enemies with a high CPU level are just downright godlike. This article will provide a few hints and tips dedicated to helping you beat them all. If you're having trouble defeating some of the hardest bad guys, I hope this helps you.

Cosmos and Squall.

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Final Fantasy: Dissidia hints and tips
- Something you learn early on is dodging is a very easy tool to utilize. Spamming dodge can be used to avoid most attacks, maneuver around the battlefield, and even gain height. However, when you start to get to the dangerous opponents, overusing blocks is just asking the AI to come and beat your face in. Learn to dodge to avoid the enemy attacks, don't just spam dodge and hope they miss.
- Blocking is much harder than dodge to use effectively, or even use at all. If you can successfully block an attack, it grants you a huge opening. Learn what attacks the computer likes to use against you. Make sure you know which attacks cannot be blocked. If it's easier to dodge you should do that instead. But remember it is better to block if you can.
-  When you pick a character, stick to it until you perfect your strengths and weaknesses. For example, Terra is very potent at spamming bravery attacks from a distance and then closes in for the kill. She is very weak against people who can close the gap and hit her before she can activate Tornado. Or Squall, who has a variety of dangerous attacks and is lethal in mid and close combat. If he uses the right attack for the right situation, he's nearly impossible to defeat. However, once he activates a move he usually has a wide opening. It's best to force him to use an attack you know how to avoid, then beat him down. My point is; once you play a character you will know what works best against him/her. Use that advantage.
- Landing attacks becomes increasingly hard the further you get. Therefore when you actually hit your opponent you must continue the chain as long as possible. Some characters can chain together numerous bravery attacks and sometimes even combo it into a HP attack. Practice combos on low level opponents and see if you can manage to put together more than 3 abilities. When you fight a hard opponent you want to be able to make the most out of every opportunity you get.
- Dissidia can be a very frustrating game. If you're retrying the same battle and losing too much, take a break! Believe me, you can come back after 10 minutes and win on your first try with ease. I've done it on more than one occasion.
- The AI usually has an attack pattern. Remember, you're only fighting a computer. If you can analyze the smallest factor; for example your enemy always dodges after using a particular ability, you can use that against them. Be observant, because it's likely they will repeat the same mistakes.
- If you have an attack that can break through a block, use it. It's common for your opponent to try and block an attack instead of dodging it. Also, if you find an attack that works well against an enemy: abuse it. Sometimes a certain move completely counters the enemy AI and they can't figure out how to avoid it.
- Repeating the earlier campaigns and chapters for extra rewards and levels is not a waste of time. You will often get the chance to fight rare enemies, pick up a summon and grab some loot. If you're higher level than the enemy, it gives you a lot more room to make mistakes.
- Buy new gear. Gear is very important. If you have the best equipment you will do a lot more damage, and take a lot less. Trust me on this one, if you can upgrade more than a couple of pieces it's definitely worth it.
-  Ex-mode is amazing. There's a reason Ex-cores exist. Grab them as fast as you can, because you can beat unbeatable opponents with a well placed burst. I've one shotted opponents I never stood a chance against by landing a lucky Ex-burst. Remember, it also restores your health points so you can use it defensively if needed.
- Getting Ex-cores is not only important for getting yourself closer to Ex-mode, but also to deny your opponent getting his. Always go for them because even if you don't need it; it's better you have it instead of your enemy getting it. If the situation arises where you cannot stop your enemy from getting an Ex-core, then try to punish them for it. If your adversary is rushing straight for the core, then they are vulnerable to attack.
- Each character has a unique approach to victory. For example, Zidane is better in the air than on the ground. However, his ground abilities are designed to force your opponent into the air, so take control of the battlefield and force your enemy into a position where you want him. Tidus is a monster in close range, his abilities can evade the bulk of damage and counterattack easily, but you have to know when to go on the offensive because spamming attacks will get you killed.
- Keeping your distance at the beginning of a battle is vital. It gives you time to analyze the AI, and learn what pattern they are using. If you have a long range ability, it's much easier to strike from a distance; because it's easy to dodge most attacks from far away. At low levels you can keep up a barrage of attacks, but when the going gets tough, play safe and be observant.
- I've had a battle go on for up to 20 minutes in some cases. If you're against an enemy that is just too hard to defeat, playing for the long haul can be your only chance. Bravery attacks can be pretty much useless against someone higher level than you, so hit them with a HP attack and then wait for your bravery to reset and repeat.
- Before you fight a hard enemy, make sure you are on full health. It's also possible to start a battle with Ex-mode already prepared. Fight a weak opponent and collect Ex-cores until you have burst ready. Opening on a challenging AI with Ex-mode can give you the upper hand. 
- Breaking an enemy will win you a lot of fights. Reducing your enemies bravery to 0 will grant you the stage bravery which can give you an unbelievable advantage. If your opponent lands a HP attack on you, their bravery resets to nothing temporarily. You have a short window to break them, so launch a full offensive. Your goal should always be to break your enemy at every opportunity.
- When you learn a new ability, test it out. Some moves are just plain overpowered against the AI. If you are losing against a particular enemy, sometimes changing your move pool can win you the battle.
- The stage you are fighting on should affect your playstyle. In a closed arena, such as Ultimecia's castle; you can often trick an enemy into a corner. If you force the enemy into a bad position, they won't be able to dodge effectively. In an open battlefield, keep your distance.
- If you are determined to win a hard battle, be cheap. Spamming your best attack may make you feel like a cheater, but if it wins you the fight who cares?

Choose your battles wisely.

Most of this advice is common sense. In battle it can be hard to keep your wits about you. Try to remember some of these hints during a fight and you will certainly gain an advantage. Sometimes playing like a cheap bastard is the only way. Personally, I hate abusing one overpowered ability. On Dissidia, sometimes it is necessary to win. Don't be proud, be a winner.

When you have no bravery, a HP attack can restore you to normal.

I truly do hope some of these tips will help you in beating Dissidia. It is a great game, just don't put stock in the story. Good luck Final Fantasy fans!

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