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Monday, 1 April 2013

The Last Remnant is an underlooked gem.

I've been playing through the Last Remnant on PC again, because during my first playthrough on the Xbox 360 I got a little bored having to wait for the long load times and dealing with the FPS lag. However, playing it on a different port has really opened my eyes to how Square-Enix have created a brilliant diamond in the rough.

Timeshift lets you tag together groups of enemies and fight harder battles.

Rush Sykes is a bit of a douche for a main character, he's pretty dumb but dedicated to finding his sister. The rest of the party isn't much smarter, but they drive the plot well. I just wish JRPGs had a better market for adults, so the story could be more interesting and better written.

For a Square-Enix game, the graphics are nothing exceptional. If it were another company, you could say they were very pretty. Aside from that, it's not a sore sight for the eyes. Watching a huge battle with lots of squads and enemies looks very epic.

A battle looks overwhelming at first, but you get used to it.

Squad based combat is intriguing and adds a fair amount of depth to the game. Instead of selecting an option for a single party member, each choice changes the attacks for up to five people. This means you have to select your moves carefully, and composing squads strategically outside of battle is important. Last Remnant also has plenty of the usual RPG features to keep a gamer active, including side quests and crafting. There are lots of rare monsters to hunt, some of which can be very tricky to kill.

It's a shame they don't break out the high definition more often.

If you want to read my initial review of this title, take a look. I will probably soon write another more accurate analysis because I feel I didn't give the game justice due to the problems porting it to Xbox. The Last Remnant is a wonderful time killer and at a budget price it's something to definitely consider if you have nothing to play. If you're looking for more PC turn-based RPGs, take a look here.

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