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Thursday, 25 April 2013

I decided to try out Tera

I know I'll regret this decision, but I'm doing it anyway. I'm going to play Tera with a few friends and see how long it takes for me to get bored. Ever since I quit World of Warcraft, I spent months searching for another MMORPG that could substitute or beat it. Overall I must have tried at least 100 different MMO games, and researched many more. I never once found another MMORPG that could measure up to WoW in more than a couple aspects.

It's got the cool feature where you can play before you finish downloading!

After wasting so much time searching for a game that didn't exist (Guild Wars 2 came very close), MMO games became something I tried to avoid. Occasionally I get dragged into a game by my friends and become incredibly excited for a few days. This is the case with Tera, I have been roped into trying it.

Tera looks like an enjoyable MMORPG. The quests are outdated, there's lots of grinding, and the servers appear to be in flux. However, the action RPG element sounds very addictive. If you can't aim your abilities, you'll miss. Hopefully this raises the skill cap enough to make it more challenging than other online games.

Not many developers are courageous enough to make the jump from Pay to Play (P2P), to Free to Play (F2P).  However, it's becoming more common for an MMORPG that isn't raking in the desired cash or community to take a chance by going free. Tera has intrigued me since it was in beta, because it's a stolen version of Lineage 3.

I'm glad they decided to go F2P without going pay to win. I have an intense hatred for pay to win games. Why would any sane person play a game where success relies on the size of your wallet? It's a disgrace to the gaming industry. One that irritates me every time I see it.

I am looking forward to trying Tera out, if I play it for more than a few days I'll probably write a review. I don't usually review MMORPGs, and I don't tend to make it a habit. If it's something worth playing or avoiding, I shall let you know.

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