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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Xbox One will kill the gaming industry

I am so furious right now, I'll keep it very short. Fact of the matter is, if you buy an Xbox One- you will be doing harm to the gaming industry. If enough people buy an Xbox One, gaming as a whole will change into a monster that only 10 year old kids and their redneck fathers will enjoy.

I am sick of being treated like a wallet instead of a player, and if the Xbox One becomes a success I'll probably end up going to prison for trying to assassinate each and every member of the development team.

Seriously, don't buy an Xbox One for games. If you want it for the multimedia functionality, okay. If you want it for gaming, you deserve to be put to death. You sicken me. How can you read about such an abomination and still intend on purchasing it?

Just do some research on the console, and if you like it, you are wrong in the head. I don't like making posts like this because it might cut out and discriminate my audience. But in this case, I am happy to be extreme. If you think the Xbox One is a good idea, get off my site right now. Get out of here and don't come back.

The damage this console will likely do to the gaming industry will not be fixable. Expect games at a higher price, without being able to sell them second hand. Expect them to be lower quality and fueled by DLC to leech all of your money. Personally, I'm going to start pirating every Microsoft product I can get my hands on. Fuck you Microsoft.

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