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Friday, 2 November 2012

RPG games are just the best timesinks

Over the years I've partaken in every RPG I've had the opportunity to purchase and play. It is without a doubt my favorite genre. The very fact that almost every new title released today has incorporated elements with Role playing roots is proof of how much influence these games have had on the industry.

Good old Pokemon.

My point with this article is about how there is no greater genre than an RPG to sink your time into. I personally find no other brand of game more rewarding to put time into. There is usually a large emphasis on story and plot development, followed closely by lots of rigorous grinding. I am not saying any RPG is flawless and brilliant, because there are some that just aren't very good. But if you're looking for a game to waste a lot of time, this genre is where you search.

On your first adventure into the Role play world, it's very overwhelming. There are stats, random battles, lots of dialogue to sit through and plenty of menus to deal with. However, once you've got a couple of finished titles under your belt- it's very easy to pick up and you rarely have to read a tutorial or manual again.

Breath of Fire, another brilliant franchise.

Despite my standing ovation for these games, they aren't for everyone. I find there's a certain type of person will thoroughly enjoy these games and play them almost exclusively. Other than that, there's a few who will delve into the mold for a specific title, if it has characteristics that interest them. Finally, there is that person who will hate on any RPG, until the end of time and no matter what the circumstances.

Typically an RPG has mostly been prevalent with a fantasy element, medieval weapons and magical elves; that kind of thing. However, there are always exceptions. Games like Fallout, Mass effect, and Star Ocean feature completely different settings to the usual Swords and Sorcery. I'm amazed at how well this game category has progressed over the years. RPG's have really developed and involved into something special.

The one criticism I hear on a frequent basis on this type of game is they are too easy, and they take no skill. Only time. This is an observation I cannot fully dismiss because it has a ring of truth to it. If you like playing fast paced games that require reflexes, awareness, and map knowledge- then you probably won't find much you enjoy in any RPG. However, an RPG requires a different kind of skill. You need to think ahead, be prepared, keep your characters at the right level and choose the right abilities. I find the hardest part is retaining sufficient knowledge to gain an advantage in every battle. For example, in Pokemon knowing the weakness of the enemy Pokemon is very important so you can counter it.

Final Fantasy 13. It's pretty mediocre.

Overall, I'd say both types of skill are important- but it's based entirely on what kind of gamer you are. Fast paced skill will always be prized more, since you will be under more duress with less time to react.

Now that I get to this point I can't really find a direction to take this post in. I don't really have aught else to say, I just wanted you people to know a bit about how I feel about these games. I will always love everything about them, and I hope it shines through in my reviews and articles. So if you're here, share your love for these games and comment!

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