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Saturday, 3 November 2012

I've been playing a little Minecraft!

I've owned Minecraft for a long time. But after the first month of playing it all day everyday, I burnt out entirely and can no longer bring myself to put more than 30 minutes into playing it. The process is simple. I join my friends server, build a little cruddy house, and then die and lose a bunch of diamonds. Then I quit for another month.

This is our server. Before we got the TNT, anyway.

Minecraft is a very entertaining game. You can invest a countless amount of hours into it playing solo. It's even better when you have a server with friends. You can explore the dangerous regions together, go mining, wander around killing pigs, or just build a bitchin' house.

Everyone I've ever seen buy this game have always started off skeptical. 'The graphics look shitty. Why would I want to dig a little hole or build a dumb house?'. Does that sound about right? But shortly after that, you'll hear them screaming down the microphone 'WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! OMG OMG!'. You don't expect it to be so entertaining, or addictive.

There is an incredible feeling of progression. You start out as a peasant farmer, collecting wood and dirt. Running for your life from zombies and green explosions. A few days later, you're wearing diamonds and shooting arrows out of your ass. Wielding fiery swords and battling demons of the underworld. Starting from nothing and growing your empire is such an addictive past time.

One word of advice. Having admin powers is not necessarily a good thing. Spawning items takes away a huge fun part of the game. If you conjure everything into your hands, you don't have any incentive to explore the world and find new places, or build important stuff. Stick to spawning strictly after you've done everything you can and have nothing left to do. And when your friend mentions spawning TNT, you're going to have a real bad time. I mean bad, horrible, terrible.

Sadly the price has gone up from the measly $10 we paid for it a year ago. Now it's a little expensive for such a basic game. Still, if you have the spare cash- it's an amazing buy. Just pick a public server and steal everything for yourself. Grief protection is so developed on public servers now, so don't buy it to grief people. Unless you have an Xbox. You can still ruin peoples day on the Xbox. Yay.

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