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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The PSP is a brilliant handheld.

Recently I had an urge to buy a handheld, due to going on a brief trip across the country. I physically cannot bring myself to travel without a console of some kind to keep me busy. I bought a second hand Playstation Portable, cheap as chips. This is the third PSP I have purchased. I may or may not have sold the others to obtain other games, or drugs. Whatever floated my goat at the time.

Anyway, I've always been very akin to the PSP. The novelty of having a touch screen DS was always lost on me, I would take the superior graphics of the Playstation which may seem a little shallow. However, Nintendo DS has always been a merchant of quantity, which is also why I've preferred the pure quality of many PSP titles. I would only buy a DS for Pokemon and a couple of obscure JRPG games.

Upon buying my shiny new handheld, I was ashamed to see the sheer amount of DS games stocking the shelves in the game stores in town. In a tiny corner of the shop, stood a couple of rows lined with the games for my console. However, I could spend an hour looking through trash games for the DS, and still find a higher amount of better games in five minutes for the PSP. There are some exceptions, but this apt description comes from my experience.

I've really enjoyed playing my PSP, and I will have plenty of new reviews to write soon. Finally, despite my preference for the PSP over the DS, the next generaton; the 3DS versus the Vita- my opinion is reversed. Since all the best releases for the Vita are staying in Japan, the west has no option but to stick with the 3DS.

So everyone, grab a PSP on the cheap and join me!

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