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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Star Ocean Wallpapers

After playing through several Star Ocean games recently, mainly the Last Hope and First Departure; I decided to collect several wallpapers for my desktop. Here they are, for your viewing and downloading pleasure. Star Ocean is really a fantastic franchise, and there's countless wallpapers out there. These are some of the best I could find.

If you're looking for a review on first departure, take a look here.

Desktop Wallpapers: Star Ocean

Star Ocean Wallpapers 1
First departure isn't bad if you can get a copy of it, but the characters are a bit shallow.

Star Ocean Wallpapers 2
The Last Hope didn't exceed my expectations, but it's a good game.

Star Ocean Wallpapers 3
I could never find a copy of Second Evolution, still want to play it.

Star Ocean Wallpapers 4
Til the End of Time is my undisputed favorite Star Ocean game.

Star Ocean Wallpapers 5
If you like pink haired elves, well there you go.

Star Ocean Wallpapers 6
I really didn't like Edge that much. I don't know why.

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