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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Starseed Pilgrim, an intriguing puzzle?

I've heard several very biased reviews from friends about a puzzle game. My initial response was to obviously to scoff with derision. Unfortunately, I got ganged up on by several people in a Skype call. So I got to work doing a little research, and I barely found anything at all.

The game Starseed Pilgrim
What is going on here? You tell me.

After hearing word combinations such as indie masterpiece and incredibly satisfying, digging deeper was my only choice. What I found was a concept that sounds uniquely interesting and potentially boring at the same time. You are a farmer, planting various seeds that grow into different shapes. Each seed has different properties that interact with their surroundings in various ways. Your objective is to create a path using the right combinations. Now where this path is supposed to go, and what you're supposed to do with it isn't readily apparent to me and probably half of the playerbase. However, it sounds like a fantastic premise for a simple game that could end up killing several days or months of your time.

I'm not going to pretend to understand Starseed Pilgrim. The specifics seem particularly strange to come to terms with unless you actually purchase and play it yourself. Sadly, my game budget is shot for the next few weeks, and I don't quite feel comfortable torrenting an indie title created by a single person. So if you've actually experienced and played Starseed Pilgrim, get your beautiful behind up here and post a comment! Give us your opinion!

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