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Friday, 1 February 2013

Party system Path of Exile

As of yesterday, I've made it to act 2 on PoE. At the end of act 1 and 2 the bosses are extremely challenging if you aren't over-leveled. I used about 10 town portal scrolls to beat act 2. I really like playing games that actually kill me, hell I've even finished some of the new titles without dying once (cough DMC5).

Chain lightning anyone? No? Okay, just me then.

The game is still fantastic, I have been looking for flaws and still can't find any. Although the servers are sometimes fairly unstable, Grinding Gear Games have been working very hard to fix them. It's getting better by the day. I'm guessing since it's their first game, they are pulling out all the stops to make it perfect.

The noticeboard, for all your party needs.

I thought I'd make a brief post today to mention the party system in Path of Exile. There are noticeboards in each town that you can use to check for available parties and groups. Having more people playing together increases the difficulty of enemies by a fair bit, while also yielding better items. The maximum amount of players in one group is 6, so you can imagine it getting very frantic with all of your friends running around.

If you haven't tried out Path of Exile yet, I'm telling you again. Try it!

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