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Friday, 12 August 2011

Skyrim information and compilation

I'm excited for Skyrim - who isn't? For those of you who know nothing about the franchise or want to brush up on your knowledge I have compiled some of the videos and current information about the game and what's new since Oblivion.

E3 gameplay demo -

Spike TV footage -

And yes, it looks awesome.

Some of the new features include:

- Dual wielding combat system allowing you to combine spells with weapons and various other cool abilities.

- Added tweaks and polish to fighting, allowing special kill animations and reworked archery. I hope they get this right.

- Upgraded magic spells, so you can have multiple uses with a single element/magicka. The environment is somewhat affected by your spellslinging now too, so you can burn grass and other pointless yet entertaining stuff.

- Dragon shouts. Basically a fancy word for your overpowered spells and combat moves. You can collect these shouts throughout the world.

- Completely overhauled NPC engine. It's incredible how much information there is on this. Characters sound like they will be very interesting to interact with, while having their own role within the Skyrim community.

- Heavily concetrated on realism and the replication of Skyrim from the morrowind universe. There are five major cities which all have their own economic growth.

- Dragons. Finally. They appear randomly and are also scripted. Not only that, there's a host of other new enemies to fight.

- Vast and incredible character customisation as expected from Bethesda. Apparently the levelling has been fixed too, and the game doesn't need precise and tedious attribute choices to play successfully.

- Beards!

- Everything that was wrong with Oblivion appears to have been addressed and polished. Oblivion had a lot of flaws; some people found it unplayable without player made addons. Let's hope that isn't the case with our beautiful Skyrim.

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